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Safran Aircraft Engine Repair Brussels recrute


Description de l'offre

As PSO Technician, you will issue and written work instructions and procedures to guarantee the proper conduct of production in the workshops and to the customer.
You report to the Production Support Engineer who is reporting to the Production Support Manager.

Main activities :

 You provide support to production people with technical solutions, in both national languages,
to avoid delay in the production process;
 You analyze technical information issued from the constructors and you make repair proposals to
the constructors to make, eventually, the parts repairable;
 You update, adapt, translate technical information into technical working documents and job cards
taking into account the strict application of aircraft engine manufacture’s instructions as well as
aviation regulation;
 You ensure the implementation and correct use of the technical working papers in the workshops;
 You take part into the “Continuous Improvement” processes within the department, improving and
updating the current working methods and introducing new processes & technologies;
 You take part in or you coordinate improvements of current working methods en you introduce,
eventually, new technologies;
 You ensure the provision of the necessary tooling to the workshops and you watch over the
proper use of all means of production
 You are willing to become a specialist for one or more technologies
(e.g. NDT ECI, metrology tooling, welding and heat treatment, …) as well as project coordinator.

For this exciting job, we look forward to a versatile person with the following profile:
 Bachelor or equivalent experience who enjoys working in a manufacturing
environment (preferably specialized in electro-mechanics/mechanics or aeronautics and repair
technology )
 Broad technological interest
 Working knowledge of the English, French & Dutch
 After an integration period, you are able to organize your work autonomously, to detect
problems and to bring the right support.
 Analytical with good communication skills (written and spoken)

Complément d'information

Engagement direct avec un CDI –

3 fonction PSO différentes à pourvoir avec ou sans expérience en réparation pièces moteurs ou gestion de projets industriels ou support aux « traitements spéciaux »

Personne de contact

Tél. : 0495 31 66 55

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