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Description de l'offre


Your requirements, key responsibilities and learning objectives:

You must have a school agreement.
We don’t accept internship for less than 4-6 months
You are a programming talent.
You are curious for new technologies, whether that is CI/CD, docker, Domain Driven Design (DDD), functional programming, blockchain or anything else, as long as it is awesome!
You understand the importance of TDD (unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests).
You know how to code in PHP7 and/or how to develop an application in ReactJS.
You have experience with a framework like Symfony/Laravel/Silex/ReactJS/Angular… is a plus
You can create multiple solutions and get a kick out of choosing the best one.
You can communicate clearly and are comfortable with writing nice, clean code.
Your voice will be heard. Suggest improvements, security needs, best practices, etc.
You will be guided by a professional mentor but are expected to take ownership of your work and your projects, establish deadlines, and communicate progress proactively (support)
You can communicate fluently in English

We offer:

Targeted training & support.
(A spacious and inspiring office space (at WeWork) where we value your input. For us new employees are a source of creativity. => due to Corona, this is slightly compromised. So as from now, the team is working remotely and we allow employees/interns to work from anywhere.)
Our internships often give you the opportunity to attend company meetings and participate in our team building activities and travels.
A working environment where you will learn a lot from experts in different fields
We might open an opportunity to become a full time employee after graduation
Compensation possible depending on law and school agreement

Complément d'information

Are you looking for an internship where you can learn, grow, and expand your skills within a fabulous team? Then this internship is key to building experience as a computer science student.

As a developer, you will work closely with our Product, Design and Development teams in order to create & maintain our beautiful, user-friendly and secured application. This will involve working on existing code, but also working on fresh and exciting new features!

Our current application is a SaaS solution composed of a front-end in React.js and a backend in PHP (Symfony Framework applying Event Sourcing/CQRS practices), both communicating with a GraphQL API and supported by a Mongo database.

Agile we are! Yes, we do daily standups, but to us, that’s not being Agile. Our main principle is prioritize our work based on the user’s impact, but also to co-create the tool with them. No big projects taking months without any guarantee that it will answer our customers needs. We value feedback and ideas.

For the coming years, we’ll focus on making our existing product greater by adding extra features, but also by rewriting our existing features to allow a better scaling of our application. We’re preparing the future! We show interest, amongst others, for clean code, micro-services, serverless technologies and AWS products. Your experience here would be a great asset.

Working at Qollabi is more than coding, it’s having a direct impact to the final product, your opinion matters !

We love our product and our team, we hope you’ll love it too!

About us
Qollabi (formerly Howaboutsales) is a fast growing software startup operating from Brussels (at Docks Brussels).

We are passionate about helping companies to unlock the hidden potential in their indirect sales network.

We do this with our user-friendly Business Relationship Management software (BRM) that integrates smoothly with CRM or other systems such as BI.

Using our BRM, (channel) account managers plan more accurate, collaborate in a strategic way with the right sales partners and follow-up proactively using our powerful traffic light model.

Our customers are awesome to work with. Bigger and smaller companies like Belfius, Bpost, SLV, Redhat, Baloise

Personne de contact

Nom :Berfin Kaya

Email :berfin@qollabi.com