Il y a de cela quelques semaines, les étudiants en 2ème année de bachelier en agronomie – finalité technologie animalière ont participé à un échange linguistique en anglais avec des étudiants de la Haute Ecole Odissee de Sint Niklaas. Cet échange a plusieurs objectifs: Développer les compétences du cours d’anglais, approfondir les connaissances de terrain d’un parc animalier et échanger avec des professionnels et de futurs collègues. Ils nous racontent le récit de leur journée:

Some weeks ago we went to Gaia Zoo. When we arrived at the zoo in the morning, we were quite nervous and curious at the same time to meet the Flemish students and speak with them in English. For many of us, it was the first time we had experienced something like that. Speaking English all day long was also a bit of a challenge but it made us realised that we are able of being understood. Our new friends were easy-going and during the visit we got the opportunity to get to know each other better.


Gaia Zoo is an incredible zoo. It is set in a quiet, relaxing environment. There is a wonderful diversity of animals and the enclosures surprised us by their design: they are very well thought for both the animals and the visitors. The zoo is divided into various themes which are very well organized. The part that we enjoyed the most was the monkey’s enclosure because they are really interesting and amazing animals.

Some zoo keepers gave us a talk about their work in the zoo and we had the opportunity to observe different breeding and conservation programmes.

In conclusion, our visit to Gaia zoo was an enriching experience, which ended too early. We went back to Fleurus with a lot of memories of wolves, Przewalski’s horses, capybara and other wonderful animals.

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