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With a strong background in Polymer, Sciences combined preferably with Colloids Sciences, you will work on the formulations and their applications of new Home Care cleaning products targeting improved sustainability through the selection of greener raw materials leading to better cleaning and longer lasting garments through care agents under real consumer conditions. The main objectives of the internship will be first to develop new testing protocols, screen new materials in Home Care applications, use analytical tools to understand the mechanism of action of best-performing materials to finally further optimize the formulations and/or materials based on their mechanism of actions. For the most optimized formulations/materials, you will benchmark them vs. best-in-class solutions to demonstrate their improved sustainability and quantify it.

You are currently studying for a Master’s Degree or equivalent in Polymer Sciences. You have experience working in a lab and safety is your priority. You have experience in Polymers, Surfactants, and Formulations. You have a passion for applying innovative ideas and demonstrate curiosity and a critical mindset in your activities. You have strong scientific method, statistics, and project management skills and excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

You can start between January and March 2023 for a period of 6 months (exact timing to be discussed).

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Join a team that’s passionate about partnership. With careers at Dow, we take time to explore questions and talk to each other. We love to learn. Our people are driven by limitless curiosity.

We are an innovative, customer-centric, inclusive, and sustainable materials science company.

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Our portfolio of products and solutions includes:

-Plastics: With new technology trends, our plastic additives can be experienced in many everyday items including vinyl, blow-molding bottles, film, rigid containers, PVC plastics, siding, decks and rails, foam pipes and profile formulations, window frames, high-efficiency lubricants.

-Industrial intermediates: As the product of a reaction that is beneficial when used as a precursor chemical for another product, industrial intermediates can take on many shapes and forms. Ours are used in home comfort and appliance, building and construction, adhesives and lubricants, and more.

-Coatings: Whether it’s a water-based coating or solvent-based coating, a thin film is deposited on materials to enhance specific properties such as enhanced performance, durability, aesthetics, and sustainability.

-Silicone businesses: Our silicone-based materials can withstand more demanding applications, from those operating at extreme temperatures, to those under harsh environmental conditions for long periods of time.

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